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Doctoral School 397

Doctoral School 397 Physics and Chemistry of Materials: a multi- and inter-disciplinary approach in materials science (ED 397)

Materials Science is fundamental nowadays and encompasses fundamental aspects as well as applications. From theoretical concepts to the development of Materials, the laboratories related to ED 397 all have international visibility in Materials Science topics.


These topics are associated to current hot challenges in Materials Science including: reactive materials for catalysis, organic-inorgannic hybrid and multi-functional materials (optics, magnetism, biomaterials), polymeric materials, nanostructures (nanomagnetism, spintronic) and mesoscopic physics.


The University Pierre et Marie Curie Sorbonne Universités is the principal institution of the ED 397. PSL, Collège de France and CEA institutions have co-accreditations.

Moreover, strong connections are established with ONERA, LPN, SVI Saint-Gobain and CNRS Thalès.


ED 397 is also a partner of the following UPMC Doctoral programs: Interfaces pour le Vivantet Génie des Procédés.


Since 2010, ED 397 is an active member of two international Doctoral Schools:


√ International Doctoral School in Functional Materials, ERASMUS MUNDUS Programme of the European Union


√ Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials



Currently, ∼ 250 PhD students are members of ED 397.


ED 397 belongs to the Institut de Formation Doctorale (IFD) at UPMC and to the Collège Doctoral de Sorbonne Universités

Pr Muriel UMBHAUER (Development biology) is currently at the head of IFD.


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