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Physique et Chimie des Matériaux

Employment in Materials

Academic employment

Academic offers in Materials are regularly posted on Linkedin

Short term contracts in CNRS labs can be searched HERE

Short term contracts in EU labs can be  searched HERE

Permanent contract at CNRS with national competition can be search HERE

Associate professor at university requires a qualification by CNU 

  • for phD at ED397 with chemist expertise CNU 33 is most appropriate
  • for phD at ED397 with physics expertise CNU 28 is most appropriate

Alumni from ED397 recently recruited at CNRS or University

Silvia Pandolfi, Associate professor at Sorbonne Université, 2019 phD at ED397


Private companies employment

Many companies are focusing research activities on materials and propose research and development positions in the private sector.

A booklet of large, medium, small companies present at the Forum Métiers des Matériaux organised in 2023 with IMAT can be consulted HERE

Open positions in private sector are regularly posted on Linkedin 

Alumni from ED397 in private sector

Gaelle Rondepierre, Advanced research engineer in physico-chemistry L'Oréal, 2020 PhD ED397

Mathis Cameau, Process engineer STMicroelectronics, 2022 PhD ED397




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