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Physique et Chimie des Matériaux

Individual Monitoring Committee - CSI

Individual Monitoring Committee is mandatory for each renewal of registration

Role of the CSI

- Checking and reporting on the progress of he phD project on all aspects

- Scientific progress, training progress, dissemination progress

- Alert on all kind of difficulties : with the supervision, with the project, with the working conditions and environnement, with health…


Composition of the CSI

- 1 external member, i.e. neither ED 397 nor the host unit(s)

- 1 representative of ED 397 proposed by the ED Steering Committee (HDR is not mandatory)

- the Director of the Host Laboratory (or one of its permanent representatives).

NB: the thesis director is not part of the committee as such but participate to the committee. However, he/she must give his/her opinion to CSI. The doctoral student will therefore have a discussion with the CSI on the progress of his thesis, in the absence of his thesis Director.



each CST will be organised by the Thesis Director/ doctoral candidate and can take place with visio systems.

- 2 weeks prior the committee, the doctoral candidate send a summary of her/his activity during the year (research project, training, dissemination), 2 pages maximum 

- oral presentation by the doctoral student of 20 minutes presenting the subject of the thesis, the progress and results obtained

- discussion of about 20 minutes: this will be a constructive exchange between the participants highlighting the progress, difficulties and solutions to be considered for the continuation of the thesis work.

- 10-minute interview of the committee with the doctoral student in the absence of the thesis director

- 10-minute interview of the committee with the thesis director in the doctoral student's absence


- Each CSI meeting will be documented by a report prepared by a volunteer member of the Committee. Use only the ED template

- Uploading signed report on ADUM before July 15 


Important notes :

when the thesis has started with a delay with respect to October 1st (beginning of the academic year): the CSI will take place at the latest 2 months before the anniversary date of the thesis start.

CSI is mandatory for each renewal of registration, including derogative 4th year of registration



Traductions :

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