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Physique et Chimie des Matériaux

Recruitment possibilities

Crédit L'Oréal

All doctoral projects must be funded up to the date of the doctoral student's defence. This provision is not subject to any derogation and is in line with Sorbonne Université's general policy.

At the time of the doctoral student's administrative registration, the ED 397 Director will ensure that an employment contract or grant agreement has been established indicating the monthly salary (the minimum is currently ~€1600 net/month), the thesis start date and the actual duration of the thesis - i.e. 36 months. In the case of smaller scholarships, additional support will be provided through the establishment of specific support, contact the ED secretary for further details.


Recruitment to the ED 397 can take several forms:

√ a yearly competition : see section ED 397 competition

This is the case, for example, for the DOCTORAL CONTRACTS OF ED 397 and the DOCTORAL PROGRAMMES of SU (Interfaces for Living and Process Engineering).

√ doctoral projects funded by funding agency (European, national, regional, local), foundation, foreign institution...

all positions are published on ED397 Linkedin

Co-financing is possible under certain conditions, contact ED397 secratary for more information.

An advice: do not hesitate to visit the home pages of the ED 397 Laboratories. They also regularly publish thesis open positions !


Traductions :

    ED397 Office

    Visit ED397 Officer

    Hakima Si-Bachir

    corridor 32-42

    1st Floor

    0 1 44 27 50 66

    Closed on Friday

    hakima.si_bachir @


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